Saturday, January 27, 2007

SAG Predix!

They are Sunday night at 8PM on TNT & TBS!

In TV, I hope Grey's Anatomy wins Drama Ensemble just to see who speaks and how awkward it is.


Actor: I'll stick with Forest Whitaker, but Peter O'Toole is breathing down his neck.

Actress: Helen Mirren. (Streep will not be there as she is doing something IMPORTANT with Al Gore.) Though Streep could win this as Mirren will probably win TV Movie Actress, and her Devil Wears Prada role seems like the type of thing actors love.

Supporting Actor: Ooh here goes. Dicaprio was placed in Supporting for The Departed, and he really deserves to win some award. But Eddie Murphy just won the Globe, but haven't I heard that actors don't like him? Alan Arkin - maybe.
I'll go with Alan Arkin, with Leo being the upset.

Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson. I think Abigail Breslin would be the only possible alternate, as SAG loves its child actors.

The Departed being the alternate.

Also, Ryan Gosling is nominated. I hope McAdams is there to support him. Can't wait to see her pink hair again - LOL.


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