Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Countdown to the Film Festivals!

YAH! FILM FESTIVALS! I had my very own film festival 3 years ago, The Darren Keeny Film Festival. Do I have to put my name on everything? Yes I do. It was a blast. I watched over 50 films during a summer month. Guests of honor included my dog - who would sadly pass away about a month later, my parents, several friends and this woman here. While no major celebrities attended in person, it was a lot of fun. At the closing, I even issued a fake press release with the winners. The Graduate received top honors, The Darren Keeny Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, if you will. And I think you will. Runners up included Magnolia, Thelma and Louise and Taxi Driver. Yes, those were good times. I even hosted a Scream marathon. What a blast. But, at the conclusion, I had to turn the big screen TV and surround sound system in and get on with my life. Boo!

I didn't attend the Philly Film Festival when I lived in Philadelphia, but I probably should've taken in a film or two. I remember wanting to go to the World Premiere of Confidence with afterparty. Rachel Weisz would've been there. Damn.

Anywho, 3 major film festivals are about to kick off featuring many films I'm looking forward to. Over the course of the next two to two and a half weeks, I'll be attempting to post summarized reviews and premiere pictures.

Venice kicks off today and runs until September 10.

Telluride Film Festival begins Friday and finishes Monday.

Toronto is Sept. 8 - 15.

Brokeback Mountain will be playing at all 3 film festivals. Elizabethtown will be at Venice and Toronto. In Her Shoes, Walk the Line and North Country play at Toronto. Among the other films that will show at this trio: Good Night and Good Luck, Capote, The Brothers Grimm, Casanova, The Constant Gardener, Shopgirl, A History of Violence, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Proof and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.

For Venice Film Festival information, go here.

For Telluride Film Festival information, go here.

For Toronto International Film Festival information, go here.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Box Office Predictions: Sept. 2 - 4

1. The Transporter 2 - $13m / $13m / $30m
2. The 40 Year Old Virgin - $12m / $67m / $88m
3. The Brothers Grimm - $8m / $28m / $40m
4. Red Eye - $7.5m / $43.5m / $57m
5. The Constant Gardener - $7m / $8.5m / $32m
6. Four Brothers - $5.5m / $63.5m / $72m
7. Wedding Crashers - $5m / $195m / $205m
8. March of the Penguins - $4m / $62m / $70m
9. The Cave - $3m / $11m / $15m
10. Underclassmen - $2.5m / $2.5m / $7m
11. A Sound of Thunder - $2m / $2m / $5.5m

i have no idea why this movie was made...oh wait, yes i do

New Trailers: Capote, Good Night..., North Country

Capote Here.
This looks really chilling. Phillip Seymour Hoffman may finally get his awards cred after all these years.

Good Night. And, Good Luck here.
Clooney could end up becoming a very interesting and diverse filmmaker. Great cast.

North Country here.
"I wanna be a lesbian." LMAO! Yeah, this is a pretty bad trailer but the movie itself still looks good. It feels like a rush job on Warners' part especially after that great poster. I love Frances back in her midwest accent glory. And her character's name is Glory.

Monday, August 29, 2005

That's Ren and Stimpy. They're way existential.

Clueless: 10th Anniversary 'Whatever Edition' hits stores today. It is a MUST own. If you haven't quoted this movie at least 100 times since its release in 1995, you are a loser. There, I said it.

Special Features Include:
+The Class of '95 - A look at the cast, then and now

+Creative Writing - Director Amy Heckerling talkes about creating the world of Clueless

+Fashion 101 - How the filmmakers invented the trend-setting fashions

+How To Play the "Suck 'n Blow" Game - A Tutorial

+Driver's Ed - Get behind the wheel with the cast and crew

+We're History - Stories from the cast and crew

+2 Theatrical Trailers

I saw this movie about a week after it opened in theatres. We were supposed to go see Species but backed out at the last minute. It was either Clueless, a loose adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma starring that chick from The Crush and an Aerosmith video, or Nine Months, where we could see the newly scandalous Hugh Grant try his hand at American comedy. The theatre was mostly men surprisingly. While the two people I went with did not like the movie, I loved it. Returning to school a month and a half later, the school lingo had changed. Only 11 years old, we were all "whatever" and "as if!" Ah, great times! Too bad today's kids don't get anything as witty and fresh as Clueless. They get Undiscovered. Most likely, they probably deserve it. Pity Alicia Silverstone didn't even pick up a Golden Globe nod and the script was overlooked at that year's Oscars. They favored another Jane Austen adaptation, Sense and Sensibility. Austen's works were invigorated with life thanks to these two films that year. Most authors would only be so lucky.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Pictures..

I have almost 25 minireviews to do. I've been averaging about 5 movies a week for the past month. However, right now I just feel like posting pictures.


I LOVE this picture. Love it. Love it. Love it. More Last Picture Show vibes.

A slight variation on the first picture released from the film.

Michelle has a Sissy Spacek-ish vibe in this pic. Heath looks like he just finished puberty.

Ang and I'm assuming Rodrigo Prietro.

These are the first pictures of Ang on the set.


Due November 4th, here's the first family picture from the ensemble dramedy. I love Rachel McAdams's sardonic expression. I love Rachel McAdams. And Claire Danes's hair is to die for.


A very small picture of Cameron and Toni together.


Proof that Charlize isn't deglamming again.

Frances with some shots and a Woody.

Richard Jenkins and Sissy, as Charlize's parents.


This is probably my favorite promotional still. Gorgeous. They both look their absolute best.

Friday, August 26, 2005

New Trailers: 'Brokeback' In Gorgeous QuickTime

Ah, just the best. The movie looks even more spectacular in this format. And the sound is better.

Brokeback Mountain
Here. I'm just wild about Gustavo's very twangy score.

Aeon Flux here. Looks like a great time. LOL @ Frances McDormand in that wig. Charlize is so hot I totally want to spank her. EWWW.

Stay here. Haven't watched it yet. Bleh.

The Fog here. Very disappointing. I think some of Maggie Grace's comments prove why this won't be any good. She stated about how the original only had about 2 fog machines. Remember, Miss Grace, Carpenter was known for his simple way of scaring. I'm still not feeling Selma as Stevie Wayne.

Just Like Heaven here. This is the second trailer for the romcom which is getting some surprisingly great buzz.

Prime Here. Meryl. Uma. Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


"It was a frienship that became a secret.

There are places we can't return.

There are lies we he have to tell.

There are truths we can't deny."

It's over at You have to have Windows Media Player but I managed to download it through You Send It thanks to the nice visitors of Wrangling Wranglers.

I'm a tad pissed they put the shirt in the trailer, just because I don't think anything that happens in the final half hour of a film should be put in a trailer. However, the majority of the people have no idea what the shirt means, so bleh.

I love the music used. It's the classic trailer score they've used many times before and I'm not sure what film it originates from (UPDATE: It might be The Shawshank Redemption?) . I'm sure the middle section of the trailer is Gustavo's score. Great job on Focus's part by playing up the prestige of the film ("From Academy Award Winning Director Ang Lee" and "From Pulitzer Prize Winning Authors Annie Proulx and Larry McMurtry".) No sight of Linda Cardellini or Anna Faris, but Randy Quaid is in it and gets two lines. Two more than what Anne Hathaway gets. Not a surprise. She's, like, the Katie Holmes of this film. And again, Williams looks outstanding. I love the shot of her hanging laundry while the wind blows.

And those boys aren't too bad either. :-)

And my favorite part: the closing shot of the fireworks.

(This is SO in for a cinematography nod it's, like, not even funny.)

Here's a new pic from the film:

Jake, there's a rather alarming mountain headed our way.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Box Office Predictions: Aug. 26 - 28

1. The 40 Year Old Virgin - $14m / $47m / $82m
2. The Brothers Grimm - $13m / $13m / $35m
3. Red Eye - $10m / $33m / $55m
4. Four Brothers - $7.5m / $55m / $70m
5. The Cave - $7m / $7m / $16m
6. March of the Penguins - $5.5m / $56m / $78m
7. Wedding Crashers - $5.5m / $187m / $200m
8. Undiscovered - $4.5m / $4.5m / $12m
9. Skeleton Key - $4m / $37.5m / $46m
10. Valiant - $3m / $11m / $17m

another august movie, another simpson sister

Monday, August 22, 2005

Welcome to the A-list, bitches!

The gossip columns will begin circulating rumors temporarily. Whatever the paycheck was for your current release, ask double for whatever you're about to do. But most importantly, remember that they love you just as you are.

The talents might have enough word of mouth and great reviews to remain at #1 & #2 this weekend and fend off The Brothers Grimm. Matt Damon & Heath Ledger. Both of whom I'd like to nail.

Did I say that out loud?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I cannot tell you how long I've been looking forward to this. The last time I've been this hyped for a movie was 5 years ago. I'm not saying which movie as that would be totally embarassing. Those of you who know me well probably know which movie I'm referring to.

What Entertainment Tonight showed over an hour ago was not the full trailer. It was parts of it like they typically do. I understand why. The studio wants you to see the movie it will be playing with and I fully intend to see The Constant Gardener regardless of the fact that the Brokeback Mountain trailer will be on it. There's no doubt that certainly will be what gets my ass in the 3rd row center seat first showing August 31st.

What Entertianment Tonight showed over an hour ago was "narrated" the way they typically talk the whole way through their trailers. Again, I understand that they must do this and it not the anchor's fault for having to tell what the film is about. This does not mean, though, that I have to like Mary Hart.

What Entertainment Tonight showed over an hour ago was perfect.

It WAS the short story.

Now, it wasn't the entire trailer that we'll see in theatres in 2 weeks obviously.

Here's the run down of what happened:

Mary Hart introduced the clip by saying that two of Hollywood's hottest young actors were playing cowboy who fall in love with each other. Yada Yada Yada.

Clip begins:

Heath and Jake as Ennis and Jack (how I shall refer to them from now on) are in the woods with a gun. Ennis shoots and Jack says "woo wee!" A couple of good ol' boys killing time.

Jack stands leaning against a truck outside what is I'm assuming Joe Aguire's (Randy Quaid, not seen in trailer) office. Ennis leans against the wall.

Jack and Ennis ride up the mountain and to a meadow filled with sheep. They overlook the sight and then begin their work.

Jack: "Well, since we're gonna be working together, I reckon it's time we start drinking together."

A beautiful view of the Rockies.

Jack & Ennis walk towards a bar and then are in the bar drinking.


Jack and Ennis in the tent. They almost kiss.

Jack & Ennis are now overlooking a grand vista. Jack: "It's nobody's business but ours."

Jack: "It could be like this. Just like this. Always."

Ennis holds Jack by the fire.

Jack drives away while Ennis's image is seen in the rear view mirror. Ennis walks away from Jack.

Alma (Michelle Williams) and Ennis get married.

Lureen (Anne Hathaway) sits in the hospitol holding Jack's baby. Jack smiles proudly.

Jack, now a rodeo cowboy, rides a bull during a rodeo competition.

Jack walks by a swing and up to Ennis's porch. They hug.

Alma: "Do you know somebody by the name of Jack?" Alma and Ennis are now in their kitchen.

Ennis: "We was fishing buddies."

Ennis & Jack are now together by a fire. Ennis: "This thing grabs hold of us in the wrong place, we're dead."

Two angry men look on.

Alma: "You don't go up there to fish." Ennis scolds her. Alma cries holding a baby.

Ennis and Alma sit in a truck at a drive-in while a B&W movie plays. (I don't know what the movie is.)

Alma holds Ennis in their house.

Jack stands shirtless on some kind of lake dock. Jack: "You have no idea how bad it gets."

Jack and Ennis are now in a truck driving along.

Ennis: "If you can't fix it, then you've gotta stand it." Ennis colapses in a barn while the sky is seen in the background.

Jack tries to hold Ennis. Jack: "I wish I knew how to quit you."

Jack and Ennis fight. Ennis pushes Jack on the ground then rides off on a horse.

Jack whipes away a tear as he drives in his truck.

Jack and Lureen dance at a bar. Jack is clearly thinking about Ennis.


I'm sure I'll have pictures of the trailer very shortly if not the entire trailer.

I was going to make a joke about the trailer being "underwhelming" just to appease the Brokeback Mountain fans. They know what I'm talking about. :-)

My favorite moments of the trailer: Ennis says "we're dead" and Jack saying "always like this." *sigh*

First things first. Much of the dialogue and scenes shown were directly from the story. I'd like to thank Focus Features advertising department for realizing this story has diehard fans and it's almost a nice shout out to them. I nearly pissed myself when Ennis said "if you can't fix it, then you've got to stand it."

Second: Hathaway is not heard at all in the trailer, but looks beautiful. (As if the girl could not look beautiful!) We get no feel of what has been done to her character. For example, is she a bitch? Is she just a stereotypical rodeo queen? The short story barely mentions any characteristics of her other than she ends up slightly cold. Gyllenhaal looks good and I think looks the best when he is looking at his wife and newly born son. Some have already objected to his voice, but if he nails the yearning of Jack, he'll do.

On to Ledger and Williams: WOW! I just knew it. I'm really thinking little slut Jen Lindley will end up with an Oscar nomination. Alma Beers (Del Mar) is a killer role. She looks great. As far as Ledger, exactly as I expected. This would be his small role in Monster's Ball extended to feature length. His voice gave me chills and his accent sounds great. This is a knockout year for him and this or Casanova will solidify him as a force to reckoned with. He's introverted. He's confused. He's Ennis.

The cinematography looks great on the ranching scenes but really wasn't highlighted too much in the minute or so that was shown. The music used might have been Gustavo's score however it sounded slightly familiar. It's possible that Focus used one of his other scores for the trailer.

However, the thing that first struck me upon seeing this trailer is how small this film is. It only cost $11 million. It's an indie. Ang Lee returns to his roots. Then again, the man delivered Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on a $15 million budget. I've noticed that In Her Shoes and Walk the Line also cost about $30 million. I'm really hoping they can continue to make modestly budgeted films like these with real bonofied talent. This "slump" definately needs it.

Speaking of Lee, he needs to be mentioned in the full trailer. I don't care how many Hulk's the man has made, he is one of the best filmmakers alive. You can make 100 Hulks or Ride With the Devils (neither of which were really that panned) and as long as you deliver one Crouching Tiger, The Ice Storm or Sense & Sensibility you're fantastic in my book.

Finally, there was no Randy Quaid, Linda Cardellini or Anna Faris in the trailer. I was not expecting to see Faris as the funny lady has stated that her role in this is smaller than her performance as Cameron Diaz in Lost In Translation. Er, I'm sorry. "Kelly" in Lost In Translation. Cardellini I was expecting to see as she plays an integral role in Ennis's development. She's probably the foremost addition to the film, having only been briefly mentioned in the story. I've also heard her role is larger than Lureen. Quaid just should be in there because he's Randy Quaid and some people are probably more familiar with him than the man cast. They'll probably all be mentioned in the trailer just in passing.

Again, I'll try and post some pics and I, like all the trailers I provide links to, will only post the trailer when it is in proper quicktime format.

Reminder: Red Eye Opens Friday

I won't be seeing it till sometime next week. As a makeup for that whole Cursed fiasco, I've decided to remind my friends that the latest from Wes Craven opens this weekend. I must say this is the first time I've been looking forward to one of his films less for his involvement and more for who is in it. This looks to be the "coming out" film of Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy. Yes, they've both already had their breakthroughs but this will be the genuine test of their recently attained stardom. I'm hoping the film does well as it would make it 4 back to back hits for the heaven-sent Miss McAdams. (Nicole who?) The film also stars the wonderful character actor Brian Cox who always has something to add to a film. The early reviews are positive and most are seeing it as being a fun, mindless end of summer diversion. I'm pretty sure I'll like this film nevertheless. I'd like commend DreamWorks for their marketing campaign on this one. Both posters were very well executed and are among the year's best. The original teaser trailer was a great bait and switch of genres. While the second gave away most of the film, it was still well edited.

Either way, best of luck over the weekend to McAdams, Murphy and Craven.

See Red Eye.

Box Office Predictions: Aug 19 - 21

1. The 40 Year Old Virgin - $22m / $22m / $85m
2. Red Eye - $18m / $18m / $52m
3. Four Brothers - $11m / $43m / $64m
4. Valiant - $10m / $10m / $26m
5. The Skeleton Key - $9m / $32m / $50m
6. The Dukes of Hazzard - $5.5m / $69m / $78m
7. March of the Penguins - $5.5m / $47m / $74m
8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - $5m / $193m / $205m
9. Supercross - $5m / $6.5m / $14m
10. Sky High - $4m / $51m / $58m

the fate of darren

Tuesday, August 16, 2005








Monday, August 15, 2005

Trailer: Shopgirl

It's not a new trailer. But this is its debut in QuickTime. I think this is probably the best trailer of the year. Perfect music.

Take a gander here.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Trailers

Domino here.

The secound trailer is a kickass wicked good time.

Jarhead here.

The final bit almost made me laugh out loud. Lots of Jake. Nuff said.

Rumor Has It here.

This was online about two weeks ago. While it most likely won't be a great film, it will make a ton of money. Looks cute.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

'North Country' in Toronto

North Country has become the latest film to join the Toronto Film Festival lineup. Due in theatres October 14, I'm still anxiously awaiting a trailer. DAMN IT! Various reviews have popped up online claiming that Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins deliver powerhouse performances. Also joining:

Bee Season - the Juliette Binoche/Richard Gere drama from the directors of The Deep End and the screenwriter who gave birth to Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal (to which I give her a big THANK YOU!)
Breakfast on Pluto - hottie actor Cillian Murphy plays a transvestite in Neil Jordan's film
Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride - featuing the voices of Johnny Depp and Emily Watson
Dreamer - Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell in a family drama about a horse
Elizabethtown - Cameron Crowe's latest dramedy with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst
Everything Is Illuminated - Liev Schreiber's directorial debut with Elijah Wood
Romance & Cigarettes - John Turturro's musical with James Gandolfini and a buxom Kate Winslet

These films join Brokeback Mountain, In Her Shoes, Walk the Line, Pride and Prejudice, Proof, A History of Violence and Shopgirl.

Aren't festivals like Toronto places to discover films and not launching grounds for Oscar campaigns? There are some films on here I'm dying to see but this is getting slightly ridiculous. Enjoy the film buffet those who go!

Another List I Voted For....

10 Best Screenplays of this Decade:

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Ghost World
3. Traffic
4. You Can Count on Me
5. Amelie
6. The Royal Tenenbaums
7. Adaptation
8. Mulholland Dr.
9. Before Sunset
10. The Good Girl

11. Wonder Boys
12. The Motorcycle Diaries
13. Lost In Translation
14. Mean Girls
15. Far From Heaven

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Box Office Predictions: Aug 12 - 14

1. The Dukes of Hazzard - $14m / $61m / $84m
2. Wedding Crashers - $11m / $163m / $200m
3. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo - $10m / $10m / $24m
4. The Skeleton Key - $9m / $9m / $22m
5. Four Brothers - $9m / $9m / $26m
6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - $7.5m / $184m / $202m
7. March of the Penguins - $6m / $36m / $60m
8. Sky High - $6m / $43m / $55m
9. Must Love Dogs - $5m / $43m / $54m
10. The Great Raid - $2.5m / $2.5m / $7m

is that a respectable career over there?

New Poster: Jarhead

I love it. Studios need to realize that simplicity is the way to go when creating one sheets.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kidman Gets $16m for 'Invasion'

This is from last week but it has a fresh spin to it. When I first saw that Nicole Kidman would be in a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, I thought it was a joke. I shrugged. It would only confirm that her work schedule consists of back to back projects: a divisive art house project that would do paltry numbers at the box office but would have done less if someone else were the name attached; the other would be a mainstream, big budget misfire consisting of an all-star cast and veteran director.

So she films Fur for the director of Secretary and costarring Robert Downey, Jr. She has no immediate plans upon production finishing and will take a break till her next scheduled film, Wong Kar Wai's The Lady From Shanghai, begins production. Then, Invasion was announced last week to begin filming in October. It was said to be a remake but now apparently is an original concept. It will be for German director Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, Das Experiment) and producer Joel Silver - thought it won't be a Dark Castle production. (Dark Castle's next film, The Reaping, it set to also begin production in the fall with Oscar-winner Hilary Swank and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Anna Sophia Robb starring.) Kidman will receive her record paycheck of $16 million for the thriller about a psychiatrist who suspects conspiracy when a behavior altering epidemic sweeps through a small town.

Rumors are also circulating that Kidman has agreed to gain 15lbs. Not for a role. Just so people will get off her back. Her very thin, see-the-spine-through-the-skin back.

Best of luck to her on both projects.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Box Office Predictions

1. The Dukes of Hazzard - $25m / $25m / $64m
2. Wedding Crashers - $15m / $143m / $190m
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - $11.5m / $170m / $198m
4. Sky High - $10.5m / $34m / $58m
5. Must Love Dogs - $9m / $27m / $45m
6. Stealth - $6m / $25m / $34m
7. March of the Penguins - $4.5m / $23m / $40m
8. Fantastic Four - $4m / $144m / $152m
9. War of the World s- $4m / $225m / $232m
10. The Island - $3.5m / $31m / $36m

maybe if sean and jessica switched outfits....